Canvey Island Conservative Club Ltd is a Registered Society under The Co-operative and Communities Benefit Societies Act 2014.
The Club is located in Long Road Canvey Island just a few hundred yards from the town centre and is one of the largest in the UK, currently boasting approximately 1700 members. In 2009 the club won the coverted Sir Marcus Fox ACC (association of Conservative Clubs) Club of the year award as well as celebrating it's 50th anniversary. You are welcome to take a look through our website which will show the extensive range of facilities and activities available to our members.

e-mail - ""

For all queries and questions please use the e-mail address "" and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can Call us on the numbers below:

Office : 01268 695533 between 9am and 1pm Monday - Thursday

Bar: 01268 683775 between 12pm and close

EURO 2020

Back indoors and meals for a fiver!

Back indoors!

From Monday 17th May, you will now be able to come back and use the inside facilities at the Canvey Island Conversative Club



Live sports will resume being shown on the big screen 


A Covid safe risk assessment is continuously updated and robust cleaning and safety processes are in place throughout, with clear signage to support 


By applying Zoono surface sanitizer, which once applied offers ongoing protection against bacteria and viruses for 30 days; which is being used in conjunction with other cleaning procedures at the Club, means we are able to safely open the snooker room. Other social distancing rules imposed by the Government such as the wearing of face masks must also be followed when playing snooker 


Table service will continue to be provided inside and outside 


Visiting members or guests can use either the rule of six or be from two separate households when indoors. This rule will no longer be applicable to those outdoors, where groups of up to 30 people can now meet 


All visiting members and guests must ‘check in’ as part of track and trace 


You’ll need to wear a face mask when you are not seated at your table 

Welcome back to the Canvey Island Conservative Club

Re opening 12th April from midday with outside marquee and full table service and COVID safety measures in place 🙂

Membership Renewal

The Membership Renewal date is 1st November but thank you to those who have already renewed.

E-mails were sent out in September - please check your Inbox and also your Spam and Junk folders (some "business" e-mails are not always sent to your Inbox)

Letters were sent out in October. Reminder letters were sent out in November and reminder e-mails sent in February

You can send renewal forms and cheques through the post and you can pay by cash or card by phone.

If you would like your membership card sent to you by post, please provide a stamped addressed envelope when you renew.

2021 Inter Affiliation cards will be available at The Club from 1st November - cost is still £2



COVID Guidance and Update

The staff have been working hard to ensure the safety of all attendees to the Club in line with current Government guidelines and the seating and tables have been rearranged to maximise the number of members that can attend safely.

Please do not move the furniture. 

Remember Hands – Face -Space as a minimum

Hands – wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds

Face – wear a face covering indoors where social distancing may be difficult, and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet

Space – stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place Such as wearing face coverings or increasing ventilation indoors)


Football – we will offer you the opportunity to watch live footbal (please monitor the website and facebook for upcoming fixtures being screened at the club)

Entertainment - Whilst we are not currently allowed to have live entertainment this is under constant review and we have also suspended Bingo / Quiz / Open The Box – (please monitor the website and facebook for updated events information)

Snooker – the snooker room is closed.


Re-Opening 12th April

The Club will be reopening from 12:00pm on Monday 12 April 2021 and we look forward to welcoming our members back to their Club.

Before we do, we wanted to communicate some things with you regarding the steps that have been taken to best ensure your safety when you visit us; and some of the challenges we have faced and continue to face both during lockdown and with the restricted reopenings.

The Club COVID Risk Assessment includes a full series of control measures to mitigate the continued risks we face and to safeguard our staff and members. This COVID Risk Assessment is continually reviewed and updated. A copy of the latest COVID Risk Assessment will be displayed inside The Club and on The Club website.

As you will be aware, from 12th April (and for a period of at least 5 weeks) we are only permitted to serve outdoors . We understand that we are a slave to the weather to a certain degree but will try and provide as positive experience as possible.

The Club reopening

⦁ The Bar will be open from 12:00pm to 11:00pm Sunday to Thursday
12:00pm to Midnight Friday and Saturday
(we reserve the right to close early if we there are no members/customers using The Club during an evening).
⦁ The Kitchen will be open from 12:00pm to 4:00pm Monday to Sunday
⦁ Entry and Exit via Main Entrance only (Pool Room Rear Door and Lounge end of The Club will be closed for the time being)
⦁ Please wear a face covering when entering the club and when moving around the club.
⦁ You are still required to sign in on entering the Club and to use the hand sanitisers available.
⦁ The Patio and Garden area will be the only areas open for service and you must go straight to these areas when you enter the Club
⦁ There are guide arrows around the floor to indicate the route around the Club to avoid congestion and any crossover of customers and staff. You are asked to keep to these routes where possible and wear a face covering when moving around the club.
⦁ There are a number of information signs around the Club that we ask that you read carefully and comply with/give consideration to as applicable.
⦁ Visiting members and guests can use either the rule of six OR be from two separate households.
⦁ You no longer HAVE to eat to order an alcoholic drink BUT you must be seated when ordering, eating and drinking .
⦁ In addition to a daily menu there will also be daily specials on offer and on Sunday you can have a Roast Dinner. (The Club menu will be advertised within the Club, on our Facebook page and on our website)
⦁ Table service will be provided.
⦁ Socially distanced tables and chairs will be available in the patio and garden areas.
⦁ Some tables will have umbrellas.
⦁ An 11x6 metre marquee has been purchased and will be erected in the garden/patio area. The sides of the marquee will remain open to still qualify as an outside space but will provide both additional seating and protection from the elements and in the event of some April showers. (The marquee will be up for when we re-open, or very shortly afterwards)
⦁ Toilet facilities available at the Dance Floor end of The Club
⦁ Payment (card payment preferred please)to be made at the Serving Area of The Bar

The Club during and following lockdown

As has been the case across the whole of the hospitality sector, during the periods of forced closure it has proved incredibly difficult to ensure the Clubs survival.

Every effort has been made to reduce costs as much as possible, but even whilst we are closed we have still had several thousand pounds worth of expenditure every month. We have always tried to keep bar and food prices as low as possible, essentially aiming to break even on day to day business activity in normal times - this will continue and there are no plans to increase bar prices.

Whilst it has been incredibly challenging to stay afloat, thanks to the dedication of our Steward and Office staff in reducing our costs to the absolute minimum; by taking advantage of the furlough scheme (so as not to lay off any members of staff) and every grant and support scheme available; and with the continued support of our members, we are optimistic that we will be able to come through this period and start the journey of returning to normal. We will continue to do this in a manner that is both safe, fully adhering to government restrictions, but doing what we can as soon as we are allowed, to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

We will continue to closely monitor the rules and restrictions; as well as what we can and are offering and the financial position of the Club.

We are aware that we all pay an annual membership fee to be a member of the Club, which will have been closed for four straight months by the time we re-open. Membership fees are the lifeblood; and in this case, the safety net for the Club to ensure we stay afloat. When we reopen, at least until the end of June, our income will again be significantly reduced because of the parts of the club we are allowed to open and the rules that will still be in place which restricts who is able to use the club together. Added to this, the expenditure will largely go back to normal levels. As we do every year, the cost of annual membership will be considered later in the summer when we have a better understanding of what our financial position will be come renewal time. Whilst we would like to be in a position to offer further concessions to the membership fees, our primary aim is to ensure the club can re open, remain open and stay afloat. Two things we can commit to this year, is the current 50% reduction of membership fees for members over 65 years of age, will not change and there will be no increase in any membership fees.

We hope you understand the position we are in and please be assured that whatever decision we come to regarding fees will be done to ensure the future of our club in these unprecedented times - but we will do what we can and will provide further communications when we have a clearer picture.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to welcoming you back to your Club.




Entertainment for 2021

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